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Haunted Places in Other Countries
England Part III
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England - Norwich - The Bell Hotel - across the road - Across the road from the Inn there is a cemetery. This is said to be the last resting place of 'Betty’. Two investigators went into the cemetery to find Betty's grave. They discovered it right opposite the window to room 12.Using E.F.M.s (Electro-magnetic Field Metres) they gaussed the area. The alarm sounded and the needle disappeared off the screen. Next to Betty's grave is one of Sir Charles Sword. Photographs were taken and show, behind the grave of sir Charles the Hilt of a sword. There was nothing to be seen by the investigators but the photo had picked up the hilt. Conclusion. Whilst the evidence indicates room 12 of the Bell Hotel IS haunted, it is not by the spirit of Betty Radcliffe.

England - Narthwich - Marbury Country Park - Believed to be haunted by the gray lady and numerous others.

England - Northumberland - Chillingham Castle - Supposed to be the most haunted place in England, Chillingham Castle as over 600+ years of violent history. Chillingham became a fortress in the 14th century and as more than a fair share of ghosts and spirits some are known like the Blue boy and Lady Mary Berkley. But Chillingham also as plenty of other spirits that are not known by many. Chillingham castle was built to stop the Scottish from over running the north of England. Though the Chillingham castle may look beautiful on the outside, the castle holds an immense dungeon from witch dreadful dead were done to the criminal and innocent alike. The surrounding area is haunted as well.

England - Nottingham - Galleries of justice - Ghost tours are held and several sightings of criminals hung and buried there walk the courtrooms and offices in the building. Feelings of being watched

England - Nottingham - Wellston Hall - A woman in periodic clothing has been seen many times, wandering the premises and then disappearing into mist.

England - Nottinghamshire - Newstead Abbey - The Abbey was built in the 12th century and has a lot of history. The purpose of the Abbey was for a priory for black Augustine Monks. This was the Monks home for about 400 years. But King Henry decided to change everything for them. He sold the home to the Byron family. They slowly destroyed the Home using the bricks to build their adjoining home. The Abbey now had no roof and was not a home anymore. The story goes as the Monks make sure things don’t go well for that family they don’t have many children and money is now short. And when a family member dies they turn up and laugh.

England - Notingham - Victoria Leisure Centre - The story goes that an old Duty Officer called George had chosen a room in the subways beneath the centre as his personal 'hidey-hole'. He apparently died of a heart attack in there and wasn't found for several days. The small pool was used as a morgue in the second world war, and there have been reported sightings around that area. One lifeguard reportedly saw a man with his head on backwards running along the pool side.

England - Old bury - Tividale high school - in the great hall at this school a 15 year old boy threw his self to his death from the balcony, due to the pressures of his exams. he was found by his class mates as they entered for there exams. he is now known to stand on the balcony and look down at other pupils as they do there exams.

England - Oxford - Priestleys Woods - Lady on a Horse riding sidesaddle, looking for her family who drowned in the lake,

England - Oxford - Sandford - It Has been seen many times as a man George Napier-Who had himself hung-drawn and quartered and his family went to look for the limbs of their father, they recovered all the limbs, apart from the head, it is said for on christmas eve, every year, you will see George riding on a coach and four horses down the river, searching for his lost head with his arms while riding the coach, it is said that if you see him, you die within the year.

England - Oxford - Sandford - Sandford Village Hall - it has been seen and herd by a number of people, that there is a man, who at some point you will hear an ear-deafening scream, and a face and hands of a man with a streached face will emerge and push from from the wall, making the wall strech and puts people into a trance, this is a very rare sighting,

England - Paulton - public park - old women sat on bench at night about 11:00 o’clock and on. She wears a red scarf but the rest of her seems blurred - witnesses ponder whether if its a red scarf or blood. she sits there frozen all night. (Some people have seen her with a ghost dog) about every 5 minutes she wanders round the public park calling out "have you seen my daughter she was here last night" &others have heard her whisper, "help me find her with me"

England - Pluckley - The road from Pluckley to Maltman's Hill - haunted by phantom coach and 4 horses. On dark nights it is supposed to be possible to hear the drumming of horses' hooves and the carriage wheels rumbling on the lonely road. I read this book which says there are 12 ghosts in Pluckley! (one of the ghosts has already been mentioned - the suicidal school master)

England - Pontefract - Pontefract town hall and castle Description of Haunting: Pontefract town hall - Ghostly women seen walking the stairs who was apparently killed on her wedding day in the hall.

England - Pontefract - Pontefract castle - Monk figures seen walking around the outskirts near the catholic chapel and 2 figures of children seen playing near the dungeons.

England - Portsmouth - The White Swan Pub - The White Swan Pub in commercial road, Portsmouth is haunted by the ghost of Victorian barmaid who had been murdered by her husband

England - Praa Sands - Pengersick castle - strong female presence detected in bedchamber. Movement of control objects and radical drops in temperature. Countless late night vigils carried out by members of the ghost club, televised display of automatic writing resulting in a scribbled depiction of a female face. Alleged candidate for the most haunted house in Britain.

England - Ramsgate - Ellington park - the story goes that in a house that used to be over Ellington park a lady war stabbed by her husband that was drunk, it is said that on the rockery, which is the remains of the house you can see the ghost of the woman running from her husband.

England - Ravenglass - Muncaster Castle - Tom Fool - He rattles the doors and roams the grounds. There is a painting within the Castle for all to see.

England - Reading - A Pub - Reports of a ghost that looks like a Cavalier, From the Roundheads And Cavaliers War.

England - Redditch - Abbey High School - the head teacher of this school seems to haunt the students on the day of 17th may every year as they walk along the top corridor under the bell house there has been 42 sights of this head teacher in the last 7 years some say he helps you but others will not say incase of what might happen.

England - Redditch - Barley Mow Pub - Ghosts have been reported here by people who live near by this pub, which apparently is built on top of a massive graveyard.

England - Retford – Nottinghamshire - White Hart Hotel - This local pub is said to be haunted by a young girl killed by a horse drawn coach in the cobbled court yard at the rear of the building. A bust of the girl located in the building in her memory has been said to mysteriously reappear when new tenants of the pub have tried to discard of it during the years. The hotel part of the building has had many visitors reporting strange footsteps on the landing leading to passageways since disused by guests!.

England - Rickmansworth – St. Joan of Arc - St Joan’s is haunted by a nun who wanders up and down the old English corridor. The old building was originally a nuns convent, and it is believed that the ghost nun is the spirit of a former nun who was pushed down the stairs and broke her neck.

England - Rochdale - About 8 years ago, 2 brothers went to a nightclub and took ecstasy tablets. Both then climbed onto the roof of the building and started dancing, but both lost their balances and fell to their death. Every night from 12pm-3pm, their ghosts are seen dancing on the roof of the now abandoned nightclub. There have been 5 sightings to date.

England - Rochester – Kent - Rochester Castle - On Good Friday 1264 Ralph de Capo defended the castle against Simon de Montfort. In the ensuing battle the betrothed of Ralph, Lady Blanch de Warenne was killed, by manner unknown, and it is her pathetic ghost that is seen haunting the Castle on the anniversary of her death. She is most frequently seen with an arrow in her breast. There is also the form of an old man to be seen in and around the moat, and local legend that the man is none other than Charles Dickens who expressed a wish to be buried there. It is interesting to note that the same specter has been seen under the Corn Exchange clock! The Castle is under the watchful eye of English Heritage and is open daily at any reasonable time, and well worth a visit.

England - Rotherham Maltby - Roche Abbey - Many apparitions of monks and ghostly shapes have been seen, as well as ghostly voices and chanting heard by many visitors to this old ruin.

England - Rugby - Bishop Wulstan R.C High School - They call the ghost George, who haunts the top part of the school. He died at the school whilst training to become a monk.

England - Rugby - Rugby Theatre - It is haunted by 2 ghosts, 1st in the stalls from where someone that fell of the balcony and died and the 2nd backstage from an old actor that died at home of old age.

England - Ryde - Nettlestone School campsite - bloody mary, haunts girls toilets and has a twisted arm and leg.

England - Scarborough – Yorkshire - The Clifton Hotel - On the first floor in one of the bedrooms voices of people are heard arguing but there is no one inside the room when you go in. On the second floor occasionally all the (20) bedroom doors are found open and all the tv sets are on playing loudly. This usually happens after all the rooms have been cleaned and closed up ready for new guests.

England - Sheffield - Stockbridge bypass - it is one of the most haunted places in Britain. It is the most dangerous road. People say that ghosts of little girls will appear in front of a car causing it to crash. A secruity van parked there one night to investigate strange noises. they could hear someone banging on the roof. one of the security guards got out of the car to check. the security guard in the car looked trough the back window to see a monk looking through the window and punching the car. they reported it to the police who had the same thing happen to them. one police man left and the other took sick leave and never returned.

England - Shropshire - Ironbridge - Tontine Hotel - Room 5 is haunted by a man who was hung in that room as it used to be and old execution chamber. Many people have woken in the middle of the night with a man sat at the end of the bed. Also sometimes a boat can be seen drifting down the river carrying bodies from the plague, being taken the plague pits where they put all the plague victims.

England - Shropshire - Ford - a man on a horse is said to be seen riding through the churchyard. Supposedly in the 18th century he was drunk and fell off his horse and was killed. he now haunts the churchyard with his horse. Only a few select people have seen this ghost mostly on full moons.

England - Shropshire - Village Church - A young girl is sometimes seen in the church, wearing old-fashioned clothing. A long time ago, there was a fire in the church, and she appears on the anniversary of this event. A Popular version of the story says that she accidentally started the fire, and perhaps did not get out of the building in time.

England - Skelton - Health Centre - Roman Legionaries are said to be heard marching down to York from Bamburgh Castle, also lights flickering, footsteps whilst alone, cold drafts.

England - Sleaford - The priory - It has been reported sightings of monks, inside and outside the area, there feet cannot be seen, neither there faces. Also loud screams and yells have been reported coming from inside the building, which has been empty for years..

England - South-East Coast - Reculver Towers - Reculver dates back before the Romans, it is a VERY dark and Gloomy place, LOTS of activity there of the paranormal kind, 2 words " VERY HAUNTED ", this place has to be one of the most FRIGHTING places to investigate in Kent.

England - Southampton - Netley abbey castle - only the walls of the castle and a few rooms are left, at night you hear footsteps and rattles of chains, many people have spotted a lady in a white flowing dress looking out of one of the top back windows, at the end of the garden there is a torture chamber where people used to be drown, cries have been heard from beneith, and knight like figures on and off horses have been known to rush through the centre of the castle as if in battle.

England - Southampton - New Forest - Halfmoon Common - just across the road from the car park a ghost has been seen it walks across and looks to see what you are doing it has long white hair and maybe connected to a hanging.

England - Stevenage - Clop Hill - supposedly the church here is built the opposite direction to Jerusalem in which there has been many suspected hauntings going on as there were devil worshippers that would do sacrifices of innocent people they would chant and leave symbols of sacrifice after they would taunt innocent people they would hang them on the haunted tree also the graves situated around the church are in a semi-circle and placed on top of one another there are also eerie noise's that can be heard inside the church ruins.

England - Suffolk - Ipswich - the 7 sisters - as every one who comes from or lives near Ipswich will no there is a place called the 7 sisters. near the Orwell bridge. this is were 7 sisters committed suicide and were buried in a near by graveyard, this place has since been very weird as lots of scary things happen and no one will ever go there alone.

England - Suffolk - RAF Woodbridge - "East-End Charlie" was a German pilot who, during WWII was flying his badly damaged plane back to what he thought was Germany. He instead crash-landed at the east end of the runway at RAF Woodbridge. A witness reports, "When I was stationed there in the late 70's, it was a US Air Force Base. The area in which Charlie would be seen was a weapons storage area which was bordered on the east side by what we referred to as 'The Queen's Woods'. Often British 'Ghost' societies would go out at night in the woods on 'Ghost Hunts' and we were advised of this. However, there was an old metal guard tower in the Northeast corner of the weapons area where a guard would always be posted. Anyone coming up the stairs to the tower would be heard as the stairs creaked". A guard looked up at a tower window and saw Charlie looking in on him. He jumped up, grabbed his M-16 and kicked open the heavy iron door. Charlie was already on the ground (15 feet below) running to the Southeast corner. He called a response team. When they got there, Charlie was running into the woods (which was on the other side of two alarmed fences, covered with concertina wire). This is the same RAF Woodbridge where a UFO was widely reported to have landed in a farmer's field right outside the base in the late 70's/early 80's.

England - Sunderland - Hylton Castle - The 'Cauld Lad' was a 12 year old boy who was killed by Baron Robert Hylton when he was caught napping in hay. He was stabbed with a pitchfork and then be-headed. He then buried him in the pond. Therefore, when you spot the Cauld Lad, he is either all there, or he carries his head in is hands. It is said that blood can be seen where the Cauld Lad has wandered recently. He would terrify any owners when they had parties. His best trick was removing his head in front of them! He is said to wander up and down the old Hylton Castle Road. He sings of the time he was killed, keeping people awake. He was said to tidy the kitchen after all other servants had gone to bed, so they started to leave the kitchen spotless, to which he would just rearrange it. He would also torture the cats by tieing their tails together. There is also a curse to Hylton Castle:
"Woe woe to Hylton line, Woe be yours forever more, Ne'er in warfare shall you shine, But oft in murderspill your gore. Fallen strangers take your lands, You'll be strangers o'er the sea, For with blood you've stained your hands, Now with peace and wealth shall flee. Hylton's line dishonored falls, Your course of crime the should appalls, Your strong walls shall broken lie, From their deep holes the owlets cry, Ghosts and harpies walk your grounds, Making dismal cries and sounds. Now the house inglorious falls; Strike to earth her ancient walls; Brave the heart that now shall dare, Make his habitation there. Ghosts and goblins dance around, peace no more shall there abound."
It used to be open to the public, but due to safety hazards, closed down about 6 or 7 years ago. There is a steep spiral staircase with a room off to the left half way up. This is the room that the servants were said to be locked in. There is an old, cold, stone room that has an awful feeling of sadness. Also, on top of the castle there are various figurines. All stonecarved and of various devils, goblins etc. It is said that the Cauld Lad often sits up there with the figurines, watching the world go by.

England - Thetford - The Bell Hotel - The bell is a 5 star hotel which dates back to the 1500s.It is built of wattle and dawb and (in room 12) the wall is exposed but protected by a glass frame. In 1997 a paranormal group investigated the alleged activity in room 12. It is alleged that the spirit of ''Betty Radcliffe haunts the room and when she is about to appear people can see fingerprints on the inside of the glass frame. Betty Radcliffe was the owner of the coaching inn in 1564. She is alleged to have thrown herself from the window to the cobbles below after being jilted by her lover. However, another story tells Betty was murdered by her lover then thrown from the window. Two psychics in the group actually made contact with a lady but this was not Betty. She was a lady named Mary. Mary told the psychics she had been murdered in the room by HER lover but that she had been strangled and left on the bed. Several photos were taken and, in one pic show a light source emanating from the ceiling while the light, which can be seen in the photo, was out. Below the light source is an enormous orb or energy ball. Ectoplasm travels down past a psychic and disappears. In another photo two psychics are 'talking' to the lady and there is a orb on the wall behind them.

England - Warwick - Guy’s Cliff - the story goes that a young boy who lived in the house was caught giving bread from the kitchens of the house to a passing wanderer (tramp) and his father,(guy) was said to of cut one of his fingers of each hand so as he would not do it again. you are supposed to see the young boy wandering the ground's of the house in pain.

England - Warwick - Warwick Castle - Situated in what is now known as The Ghost Tower are the chambers of previous owner Sir Fulke Greville, who was given the castle in 1604 by King James the First Greville was murdered at the hands of his servant Ralph Hayward, and his ghost is said to hang the tower ever since. He is buried in the tomb he prepared in St. Mary's Church nearby, which is also said to be haunted. And when the castle is quiet the ghost of Sir Fulke Greville can be seen roaming the tower he used to call home. Some reports have seen what they think is his servant as well, but those are few and far between, and largely unsubstantiated.

England - West Yorkshire - East Ardsley - East Ardsley grew around coal mining. The old tracks down which coal carts were dragged up to 100 years ago are still visible today, and are reportedly haunted by the souls of dead miners, on a dark night.

England - West Yorkshire - Wakefield - Cineworld Cinemas - A ghostly image wonders around the large 12 screen Cinema. Seen on several occasions by many staff members and angry customers.

England - Westwood - The Dumbles - A monk has been seen walking through the fields on several occasions there has also been sightings of a nun on the same path but never at same time.

England - Wirral - Hoylake - The Royal Hotel-It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man in a tweed Norfolk jacket, knickerbockers and a cap

England - Wirral - Leasowe - Leasowe Castle - has been a private house, a hostel for sailors, a convalescent home for railway men and is now a hotel it is haunted by a man and a young boy

England - Woking - Surrey - Horsell Woods - Young male backpacker glides through the woods. Has been seen by visitors and locals. No explanation has ever been offered.

England - Woodchester Mansion - Many dark magic has been practiced at the mansion and the tortured souls still remain there. Thousands of innocent people (including children) were tortured and murdered here. Evidently knocking sounds can be heard as well as, screaming, swinging chandeliers, voices, and children crying.

England - York - Horseracing Hotel - In this hotel right next to a horse racing field. Apparently a frequent racer back when it was first built died by getting trampled by his horse. People who own the Hotel claim that they see him walking around the racing grounds with his horse late at night and if you see him you get a cold chill down your spine then disappears.

Fakenham - R.A.F. West Raynham Officers Mess - Ghost of downed WW2 Polish pilot crashed on flight line on R.A.F. West Raynham. Seen walking through walls, sitting in main dining room, and walking down the back stairway towards the kitchen. Appears to haunt Room 7 of the Officer's Mess. Room is icy cold year round. Was experienced by an American Officer's wife staying at the Mess while doing laundry. Ghost passed through her, through the wall to Room 7.

Gloucester - Snows Hill Manor- Snows Hill Manor was once a monastery and the legend goes that a monk was murdered there and his ghost is sometimes seen walking on the 2nd and 3rd floors up to where the clock is. The manor house is open for touring and quite an interesting place to see.

Gloucestershire - The Ancient Ram Inn - orbs, apparitions, noises, a ghostly cat and possession are all seen and heard at The Ancient Ram Inn.

Hull - Cottingham - Ferens hall - Students find it difficult to sleep some nights because of ghostly howling, also some days dark shadows can be seen in bathrooms. Some believe this could be the ghost of Alfie Turner who was the owner of the psychiatric hospital before it became Feren's hall student accommodation. Apparently he was found hanging in one of the bathrooms, with his heart missing.

Hull - St. Mary’s College - a catholic school that used to be run by nuns. There has been a lot of spooky goings on in the English corridor for years. Often you will see a shadow of a nun like figure coming down the stairs and you will feel all cold and paralyzed. People say she was pushed down the stairs when the school first opened in the 1960's and she was a very strict English teacher who still haunts the school now to make sure everything is running ship shape.

Kirkby - Malham - Kirkby Malham Graveyard - The Gray Lady is said to haunt this graveyard. Many sightings have been seen here. Some tourists were visiting the church and saw a woman emerging from the grave the side of the grave was smashed. Nearly all the people in the village have spotted the ghost. The grave was only fixed early last year.

Leeds - Thomas Danby college - Once an old convent built by sir Thomas Danby and later converted into a boys school and then college as it is today. Sister Mary McEvoy who lived in the convent, once a Scottish woman of noble blood who was sent to the nunnery by her mother when she found out her daughter was pregnant. Sister Mary gave birth in secret, never seeing her child as it was reported later to have been taken from her and buried beneath the East Wing. There have been many reports that while in room 321 which is situated near to where the east wing once stood crying can be heard and there have been 15 documented sightings of a figure of a woman. On two occasions a student named Sarah Breen who attended the college in 1975 reported that the same figure spoke to her asking if shed seen Gordon? But who is Gordon? Sarah Breen is now a professor studying the paranormal, devoting her life to find out the identity of Gordon. All though a very well established college there are still many students from Leeds too scared to attend.